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In this Issue
Vol. 9 No.1 : Spring 2016

Do YOU know the warning signs
of poison ivy and poison oak?

by Britt Bunyard

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Quo Vadis Psilocybe?

Is there any sort of non-clinical use of psilocybin mushrooms that could be safe, beneficial, and legalized?
by William Harrison

Medicinal Mycology: Mushrooms vs
Mycelium, Choosing the Best Medicinal

by Robert Dale Rogers


Part II. Psilocybin mushrooms and
religious experience:
Let’s start the adventure

by Willaim Harrison

Also in this Issue of FUNGI:
  • Editor’s Letter

  • Poetry: Fungophobia
    by Carol Anne Modena

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Mushrooms May Trigger a
    Heart Attack (at 11,000 feet!)
    by Curt Haney

  • Bringing Justice to the
    Kingdom of Fungi
    (Or how a curatorial project
    can evolve into something real)
    by Nicolás Arze

  • The Invasion of Kingdom Fungi
    by Lawrence Millman

  • The Mycological Theater:
    DNA & Me
    by Susan Goldhor
  • Salute to the National Parks:
    Memories of Mushrooms and
    Salt Point State Park
    by Mary Smiley

  • Mushrooms in
    Yesterday’s News
    by Joe McFarland

  • Bookshelf Fungi:
    A Review of the Latest
    Mycological Literature

  • Poetry:
    Cause and Effect
    by Judith Skillman

  • Poetry:
    Entheogens Take You Away
    by Art Goodtimes

  • Poetry: Crimini
    by Judith Skillman

  • Unusual Sightings:
    Favolaschia calocera
    headed to North America?


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