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Vol. 3 No. 2 : Spring 2010 - Special Issue: Morels

Lead and Arsenic in Morchella esculenta Fruitbodies Collected in Lead Arsenate Contaminated Apple Orchards in the Northeastern United States,
by Elinoar Shavit and Efrat Shavit

Feature Images
Unusual Sightings:
Unusual mushrooms sighted from around the globe:
Pacific NW, Midwest, Newfoundland, Africa, Turkey
...even a coffee bar!
The Complexity of Morchella Systematics:
A Case of the Yellow Morel from Israel

by Segula Masaphy,* Limor Zabari, Doron Goldberg, and Gurinaz Jander-Shagug
Also in this Issue of FUNGI:
  • Editor’s Picks

  • America’s Morel History,
    by Joe McFarland

  • Morels in Eastern Tibet,
    by Daniel Winkler

  • The Home Cultivator: Mulch Mushroom Cultivation,
    by Ken Litchfield

  • The Wild Epicure: Morels Outside the Box,
    by Tobiah Orin Moshier

  • Year-Round Morels,
    by Britt A. Bunyard

  • Notes from Underground: On the Naming of Morels,
    by David Rose

  • Do You Pick or Cut?
    by Britt A. Bunyard

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Webwatch: Moreling on the Web,
    by Michael Wood
  • Web Exclusive Feature Video: Morel Sporulation
    Do you believe in fairy dust?
    10MB QuickTime Video provided by D. Viess and D. Rust of the Bay Area Mycological Society

  • Bookshelf Fungi: Reviews:
    • Mini-reviews of Morel Books / reviewed by Steve Trudell

    • Mushroom World, a music CD by Steve Roberts / reviewed
      by David Rose

    • Chester County Mushroom Farming; Fat of the Land:
      Adventures of a 21st-Century Forager; The River Cottage Mushroom Handbook;
      and Essential Plant Pathology, 2nd ed. / reviewed by Britt A. Bunyard

  • Oh, those enigmatic western fire morels!
    by Larry Evans

  • Morels 101: A Primer on the how, when, and where of all things
    by Britt A. Bunyard

  • Go West! . . . to the 30th Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival

  • Pick the Mushrooms That the Vikings Picked: Foray September 2010,
    by Michael Burzynski, Anne Marceau, Jamie Graham, Maria Voitk,
    & Andrus Voitk


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